trendline geysers

Freedom to save with slimline comfort, safety & peace of mind performance.

The popular Trendline slim design range provides the ideal solution for the end-user looking for a top-quality, peak-performing water heating system that delivers on comfort, hidden “forget me” efficiency, and measurable savings.

Thanks to innovative, superbly designed, and engineered, eco-friendly polyurethane insulation, Trendline Geysers offer long-term annual energy-saving performance, superb technical features together with size choice, safety, and guaranteed peace of mind comfort. Trendline is compatible with heat pump and solar panel configurations.

  • 2 mm Enamel Quality Steel – built to last.
  • Dual Mount – simple installation, servicing, and replacement accessibility.
  • Constant Temperature Maintenance– water stays hotter for longer.
  • Slimline Design – flexible enough for any kind of installation needs.
  • Female Inlet/Outlet Connection– easy to connect or service.
  • SABS Approved – certified quality, conformity to and standards-compliant.
  • Made in South Africa – ideal for local water conditions.


  • Tough ultra efficient 250 micron high-tech, high performance enamelling process
  • Durable inner cylinder fabricated from 2 mm enamel quality steel
  • 5 year warranty on the inner cylinder
  • Best practice welding technology


  • Efficient 2.0 or 3.0 kW heating power

  • The heating element positioned low in the cylinder guarantees best performances

  • Corrosion resisting sacrificial magnesium anode positioned in cylinder centre

  • IPX4 rated against water splash

  • Energy efficient, eco-friendly polyurethane insulation


  • Versatile dual mounting capability – wall or floor

  • Convenient, unique inlet or outlet connections

  • Flexible, slimline design – for any kind of installation needs


  • Convenient 50 L, 100 L or 150 L hot water capacity

  • Outlet on top – alleviates airlock and irritating water hammer

  • Designed and manufactured by thought leading industry experts

  • SABS approved, certification and compliancy


  • Accessible, service simplicity – easy to reach

  • Time saving – easy part replacement