1.   Advanced Technology

      A revolutionary sealed jacket round the storage cylinder enables

      transfer fluid to flow from the collector panels around the outside

      of the storage cylinder and quickly transfers its heat to the water

      stored in the cylinder

2.   Best Manufacturing Standards

      The inner cylinder is manufactured from 2 mm  enamel quality

      steel which means greater strength and high performance

      durability. 250 Micron high tech/high performance enamelling

      process means better performance and longer geyser life in any

      water conditions. The SABS mark is testimony that only the best

      materials, manufacturing techniques and systems are used

3.   Heat Pump Compatible

      Solarline geysers are compatible with most heat pump appliances

      and fittings

4.   High Density, Heat Retention Eco-Friendly Insulation

      Environmentally safe polyurethane insulating foam means your

      water stays hot for longer, at night and even in cloudy weather

5.   Indirect Systems

      Indirect have a longer lifespan than direct systems, because they

      can’t freeze up and crack pipes, even in the coldest conditions.

      The anti-freeze used is also non-corrosive

6.   Proven Solar Energy Power

      Designed to absorb more solar radiation, and transfer it more

      efficiently, the super responsive solar collectors achieve maximum

      absorption of solar energy. Superior quality low iron glass is tough,

      providing enhanced performance, good protection, hail resistance

      and physical appearance

7.   The Eskom Rebatable / IDM Programme

      Eskom’s Integrated Demand Management programme allows solar

      heater owners, purchased from registered suppliers, to claim an

      incentive rebate from Eskom *

8.   Saving on Energy

      Solar water heaters use much less energy and therefore produce

      significantly less greenhouse gasses than conventional geysers

9.   Long Life, Low Maintenance

      The Solarline range is designed with longevity in mind. It has built-

      in design requirements for easy maintenance in even the harshest

      climate and water conditions

10. Quality Assurance/Guarantees*

     5 year warranty on Solar Collector Panel

     5 year warranty on the Inner Cylinder

     2 year warranty on T&P Valve

     1 year warranty on Element & Thermostat