This is the ideal energy saving, cost cutting, water heating trend fast gaining momentum in South Africa. Water heating in our homes accounts for a large portion of domestic electricity usage. With escalating costs of power, everybody needs to conserve energy and cut their costs.


Heat Tech Heat Pumps work on the same principle as air conditioners, extracting ambient heat from the atmosphere, instead transferring it to water. In a conventional geyser, 1 kW of electrical energy produces 1 kW of heat energy; whereas with a Heat Tech Heat Pump, 1 kW produces approximately 3 kW. The result is water heated for approximately one third of the electrical use of a normal household geyser, saving you two thirds on your water heating costs!

11 benefits of a Heat Tech Heat Pump


Energy saving

• Electronic Expansion Valve precisely controls refrigerant flow over a wide

   range of temperatures and pressures.

• Precision-engineered 4-Way valve prevents gas mixing, ensures stable


• Enhanced heat-exchanging evaporator (double coil loop) results in higher

   efficiency with improved heating and defrosting efficiency.

• Precisely-balanced engineered fan is designed to deliver higher air volumes

   at lower fan speeds, thus reducing noise levels and increasing efficiency.



• Environmentally-friendly R410A gas refrigerant: highly efficient; ensures

   optimum output and a water temperature of 60˚C.


Extended Lifespan (longer lasting)

• Ultra-efficient ‘tube-in-tube’ Heat Exchanger: 4m long with rifled piping

   which results in increased heat transfer, greater efficiency and faster heating


• Top-quality, reliable Wilo water circulation pump (2 year warranty).

• GMCC/Toshiba Compressor: extremely reliable and efficient, is optimised for

   Heat Tech’s R410A gas system. Higher water temperatures are achieved

   along with an extended compressor lifespan.



• Intelligent Controller with LCD screen provides multiple temperature

   readings of the system and ensures automatic defrosting. A timer function

   ensures that the Heat Pump can be set to provide hot water at specific times

   needed by user.

• 60˚C max temperature perfectly meets user’s needs, providing hotter water

   in the storage tank and higher hot water yields.

• Compatible with Heat Tech Geysers, manufactured with a 2mm thick inner

   steel tank (5 year warranty).

Technical Information